The Resource Environmental Center Albania (REC Albania) is an Albanian legal entity registered under the Law on Non-profit Organisations (2001). The REC Albania works to fulfill the organization's mission by supporting NGOs and environmental institutions and stakeholders at a national, regional and local level. It also promotes participatory processes and exchange of information.

REC Albania promotes cooperation among different stakeholder groups, provides professional advice to decision-makers; disseminates knowledge on Education for Sustainable Development policy and tools; develops innovative multimedia tool-kits in both online and printed formats for classroom use; builds the capacities of local, national and sub-national stakeholders; and facilitates public participation in policy making.



‘Solutions Connecting Farmers’

Is a project funded by Adaptation Fund: Climate Innovation Accelerator, a grant aggregator Programme implemented by United Nations Development Prog...

01 Dec, 2023

Connectivity through pastures

Pastures in Albania constitute 26.1% of the “pasture and forestry fund” and cover one-sixth of the country’s total territory, which is approx...

24 Nov, 2023

Perspektiva e shoqĂ«risĂ« civile rreth aksit “korrupsion – mjedis – qeverisje”, me nĂ« fokus Ballkanin PerĂ«ndimor

*Ekstrakt i përzgjedhur nga fjala e Drejtorit të REC Shqipëri, Mihallaq Qirjo, në punimet e Takimit të OSBE-së për Zbatimin e Dimensioneve...

13 Nov, 2023

“PharmaWipe”: Mbetjet farmaceutike nga shtĂ«pia nĂ« farmaci

Njeriu gjeneron çdo ditĂ« mbetje tĂ« ndryshme, dhe menaxhimi i duhur i tyre pĂ«rbĂ«n sot sfidĂ« pĂ«r tĂ« gjithĂ« ne. ShoqĂ«ria jonĂ«, si nĂ« shumĂ...

07 Nov, 2023