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Termat e Reference për hartimin e një moduli udhëzimesh qe do t’i paraprinte zhvillimit të Planeve Vendore për Zvogëlimin e Rrezikut nga Fatkeqësitë, në zbatim të Strategjisë Kombëtare për Zvogëlimin e Rrezikut nga Fatkeqësitë (SKZRF), me kujdesin për të kycur në to, ndjeshmërinë gjinore dhe për grupet e cënueshme.

Titulli i Projekti: Integrimi Gjinor në zvogëlimin e riskut nga fatkeqësitë natyrore

Agjencia kontraktuese: UN Women Albania


02 Dec, 2022

Limited progress in the field of environment and climate change across the Western Balkan Region

The European Commission has published the new Enlargement Package for the Western Balkans and Turkey which includes the progress reports on the acc...

11 Nov, 2022

Vulnerability and Security Implications of Climate Change in South-Eastern Europe

13 Sep, 2022

New regional initiative of Regional Environmental Institute with RECs, under the European umbrella

REC Directors from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and...

13 Jun, 2022

GEA Champions

As “Europe Week 2022” celebrations and events in Albania drew to an end, the zestful voyage of tou...

25 May, 2022

Monitoring of the National Action Plan

Climate crisis trends continue through their downward spiral. Albania, despite contributing to only 0.01% of global emissions, is extremely vulnera...

07 Mar, 2022

Annual Conference of the People's Advocate 2021 "Rights of future generations and climate change"

In 2019, as part of its commitment to the Paris Agreement and Emission Reduction Objectives (NDCs), Albania was the first country in the region to ...

22 Dec, 2021

The Climate Emergency: Community initiative to announce it

In 2021, we have once again witnessed extreme weather-related events in Europe: July was ranked the third hottest on record; co...

21 Oct, 2021