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GREEN 27 – the Albanian NGO coalition on board of the regional initiative

Towards an articulated voice for EU negotiations

All countries in the Western Balkans are looking at EU integration as the common horizon of ...

12 Mar, 2021

Water: A resource in need of management

European environmental acquis and principles of integrated water resources management in the Albanian perspective.

By: Green 27+ Consortium

11 Feb, 2021

The process of consultation for the civil society opinion report on the Chapter 27 progress begins

The GREEN27 + consortium begins the consultation process with civil society organizations on the draft civil society report for Chapter 27. During ...

19 Dec, 2020

Environmental organizations of civil society call for institutional action against rising numbers of environmental crimes in 2020

18 Dec, 2020

Green Enterprises Led by Women in Albania 2020

Women's involvement in the labor market is limited and this is especially true in green or low carbon footprint businesses. According to the latest...

04 Dec, 2020

Failure of justice stimulates the increase of environmental crimes in Albania

27 Oct, 2020

Strengthening the Voice of Communities for protecting River Water Quality

SVAP - the instrument that strengthens community participation

Communities have become more vulnerable because of interferences in waterc...

05 Oct, 2020

Second meeting of the Consultative Group for Environmental Crime

The increased cases of wildlife crime, the technicalities of referring them to state agencies, and the reaction from state agencies were discussed ...

11 Jul, 2020