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World Wetlands Day 2020 in Kune-Vain, Lezhë

On World Wetlands Day 2020, REC Albania organized an activity programmed to take place in one of the wetland ecosystems of Albania, at Kune-Vain la...

05 Feb, 2020

The type of tourism that promotes connection to nature

Tourist Guides of Vocational High Schools Towards the Orientation as "Nature Interpreters"

It is being largely observed that when people main...

28 Jan, 2020

Nature Monuments of Albania now present in Wikipedia

Albanian nature monuments on Wikipedia.

Biology students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography students from the Faculty of His...

25 Jan, 2020

Training of Teachers of Vocational Schools on Green Economy

Through the project "Green Skills for Green Jobs in Albania" currently being implemented by REC Albania supported by the "GEAR-Green Economy for Re...

17 Jan, 2020

Climate: Albania should aim for new targets to reduce emissions

The COP25 Madrid Conference has been facing increasing pressure from environmental groups and governments of many small countries affected by clima...

12 Dec, 2019

Green Skills for Green Jobs in Albania

The development of green economy is of particular importance in the context of a global economic crisis. If years ago, the economy depended on the ...

25 Nov, 2019

24 Hours of Reality-Truth in Action

Like any other year, the worldwide event hosted by former Vice President Al Gore, “24 Hours of Reality”, was broadcasted worldwide on November ...

22 Nov, 2019

Country development objectives: are they sustainable?

SD Country Progress on the regional peer review focus.
We often hear about discussions on meetings and conferences about the SDGs and spe...

20 Nov, 2019