Environmental Information

22 Sep, 2019

Mjedisi Sot (www.mjedisisot.info) is an information sharing platform managed by REC Albania, for 15 years (May 2000). It serves as reference point to the environmental civil society. Mjedisi Sot is designed to collect and process all relevant information by institutions and ECSOs on environmental status, implementation of environmental legislation and programs, civil society development, cooperation with institutions, EU integration process, regional and international civil initiatives, etc.

CSOs and citizens can use Mjedisi Sot resources for discussing various environmental topics or problems. The web page is designed to provide the support in connecting CSOs and contribute to solving concrete problems. It provides opportunities to small organizations and citizens to expose their local environmental problems and build trust with other CSOs at local and national level. The Civil Society can use the resources offered by the online webpage (information, training material), participate and use the online discussion tools, build up networks, start new initiatives by using online communication tools of the Mjedisi Sot.