Climate Today

08 Feb, 2022

Global warming and the climate change that accompanies this process, are perhaps the most difficult challenges that humanity is facing in the 21st century.

Climate change has been present in public discussion and debate in Albania for only a few years, and mainly for scientists, whose research results are quite complex and difficult to understand for many people. The climate crisis is not part of the public discussion and the issue doesn't receive enough attention in the media, probably because of the considerable political influence on them, causing climate issues not to be in the focus of the media enough. Also, most media lack professional and specialized journalists in climate issues, in order to be able to report important news or information, based on scientific arguments and empirical evidence.

The mass media in Albania (television, newspapers and the internet) remain the most important means of communication and the sources from which people extract information about climate change. But, researchers in Albania publish their works mainly in traditional scientific journals, published by Universities (such as the University of Tirana, the Agricultural University of Tirana, the Academy of Sciences of Albania, etc.). There is no specific national platform to publish articles and their work goes unnoticed by the media. named as "Klima Sot", is a recently created platform, which mission is publishing articles on climate change and that journalists can use them freely, in order to produce some science-based news. This can have a significant impact on public discourse.