The Negotiations Process and Chapter 27 - launching of the Environmental CSO report

08 Apr, 2021

Albania is progressing towards fulfilling the conditions for opening the process of negotiations with the EU. It is well acknowledged and accepted that Chapter 27 “Environment and Climate Change” is one of the most complex ones, with the contribution and involvement of different society stakeholders. In this context, GREEN 27+ core partners: The Resource Environmental Center (REC Albania), Center for Environment, Development, Education and Network (EDEN), Institute for Conservation of Nature in Albania (INCA) and Urban Research Institute (URI), have been engaged in developing a support and capacity building program for the civil society, aiming at enhancing Albania’s EU accession process, by stimulating the dialogue between Governmental institutions and NGOs on environmental acquis. With the support of 20 environmental organizations from around the country, the first pilot program is a built up contribute to the process through development and articulation of the CSO position in the EU-Albania negotiations related to topics of Chapter 27. In order to maximize tangible outputs of the report, the following thematic sub-chapters are identified as priority focus:

1. Horizontal issues,

2. Waste,

3. Water,

4. Nature conservation.

This approach has helped reflect the environmental CSOs position on Albania’s EU approximation process in the above sub chapter areas. The  GREEN 27+ consortium composed of four core partner organisations strongly believes in the important role the environmental Albanian civil society can play in the process of EU negotiation, a crucial and unavoidable role in this whole process.

On the other hand, the current state of affairs in the institutional preparedness for EU negotiations shows limited scope for involvement of civil society. It is mainly due to lack of means, knowledge how to involve CSOs, as well as limited technical information on the EU negotiation process itself. However, the Albanian Environmental CSOs are performing more and more their watchdog role on policy development, fulfilment of requirements and law enforcement, access to information and participation, etc.

This report was jointly prepared by the GREEN 27+ consortium, with assistance from the Swedish government, through the Swedish Environment Protection Agency, which supports the work of the Republic of Albania towards a better environment and implementation of EU Environmental benefits of Chapter 27, with the Swedish competence and knowledge of EU regulations and implementation. The funding source for this tender originates from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in the framework of SANE27 programme implementation.

To access the report, please click here: Report