Climate change is happening now- Let's work together!

14 Apr, 2021

Like many initiatives undertaken by REC Albania, this leaflet also draws attention to innovation ideas on climate change prevention factors. Education and raising public awareness on climate change are important steps towards improving energy efficiency and reducing gas emissions. greenhouse in the atmosphere.

Therefore, this leaflet addresses some of the consequences that tend to occur in our country, as a result of climate change; key areas in Albania identified with high and low risk against climate change; as well as some practical tips on how we can reduce carbon emissions in our daily lives are found in the leaflet "Climate Change is Happening Now - Acting Together!".

This leaflet was made possible by the “Civil Society Program for Albania and Kosovo”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA).

The full publication can be downloaded here: "Climate change is happening now- Let's work together "!