The Climate Emergency: Community Guidelines

22 Oct, 2021

In 2021, we have once again witnessed extreme weather-related events in Europe: July was ranked the third hottest on record; communities in Germany and Belgium were hit by devastating floods; the Czech Republic was struck by a tornado; Albania, Turkey and Sardinia were ravaged by forest fires. The global temperature is now 1.1°C higher than pre-industrial levels. The climate we will experience in the future depends on the decisions we make today.

More and more local communities are making a commitment to the Paris Agreement, driving the change to maintain a stable climate.

Every day, we are confronted with dramatic evidence of the climate crisis on our screens. We are all affected, wherever we are. Decision makers at national and international level may be aware of the 1.5°C target, but the actions they are taking is not enough. Fortunately, more and more stakeholders – and especially local communities – are recognizing the magnitude of the climate crisis and its impacts on their daily lives and are deciding to act at local and regional level.

Boost community ambitions!

This toolkit provides guidelines and tips for citizens on catalyzing commitments, dialogue, and action for a just, resilient, and carbon-free future in their local communities. Initiatives such as this have an impact that can be felt beyond the local level, often leading to national and regional change and ultimately contributing to the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals.