Klima.al Flyer

06 May, 2022

Although climate change and its consequences in a vulnerable country like Albania have been part of the Albanian academic debate for several years now, their coverage in the media is insufficient and as a result, bringing the issue to the attention of public discussion is truncated.

We can mention a variety of reasons for this phenomenon, ranging from political influences to the lack of journalists profiled on issues affecting the climate. Moreover, in a country like Albania, insufficient awareness or sensitization of the wider journalistic community is seen as problematic, as conventional media (televisions, print media and the Internet) remain the most consumed sources of information by the local public. While researchers publish their papers and findings in scientific journals, very little attention is paid to these researches by media portals.

Taking into account this issue, REC Albania has undertaken an initiative to create a platform entirely dedicated to climate change in the country, whose mission is to publish articles on climate change published by Albanian researchers and scholars. Through it, the aim is to cultivate the highest standards of journalism for researching reliable scientific sources in the preparation of news and articles.

This leaflet has been prepared in order to present this platform to the public or the media. Its content consists of information about the Klima Sot site, on the purpose and categories of its information, as well as the authors who have contributed to their studies.