GEA Champions

24 May, 2022

As “Europe Week 2022” celebrations and events in Albania drew to an end, the zestful voyage of touring various natural and cultural heritage attractions throughout the country brought special guests to an immersive and colorful experience in the depths of Southern Albania. Representatives of the EU Delegation to Albania, Europe House, Embassies of EU countries and Young European Ambassadors blended with local tour operators, film directors and journalists, found a vibrant guide in Dhurata Daneri. She journeyed them through gorgeous landscapes, combined with the local touches and flavors of Përmet’s rural reality and traditional food.

Dhurata Thanasi Daneri is an entrepreneur who specializes in the production of handmade pastries based on Albanian culinary traditions. She is the owner of a small business named “Luga e Argjendtë”/(Silver spoon’), a GEA champion that promotes with her work ‘the 0 Kilometer’ principle through the organic ingredients that she collects form the rural surroundings of Tirana. In this tour organized in the frame of ‘Europe Week 2022’, Dhurata was the one who conceived the sightseeing by bringing on board rural attractions combined with culinary enjoys Albania is proud to gift for visitors.

At the end of the tour, on May 8th, 2022, a stopover was organized in an expansive meadow dotted by wild fauna and walnut trees, nearby the renowned thermal springs of Bënjë, where “Ferma Sali” has its 150 hives seated for this season, supported by GEA program. Farm owner and beekeeper Flora Sali presented her special guests with the prized local variety called “Bedunicë” honey. Guests had the opportunity to taste the product, and other unique local specialties such as kole, mesnik and honey raki.

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Project: Green Enterprises lead by Women in Albania (GEA)  

Supported by: GEF Small Grants Programme  

Implemented by: The Resource Environmental Center Albania (REC Albania)